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Meteobot App - weather stations in Bulgaria
Map of weather stations in Bulgaria.


Meteobot® App provides you with information from your weather stations organized in graphs and tables.

With the standard settings, Meteobot® collects data every 10 minutes and sends it hourly. You can change the settings any time and receive data more frequently – every 30 or even 10 minutes, for example.

Our tests have shown that Meteobot®‘s battery can last up to 30 days without charging from the solar panel. However, frequent data transmission means greater energy consumption, which can drain the battery in the winter.


Meteobot® App securely stores all data from weather stations, for an unlimited period of time. Thus, there are no gaps or omissions – as compared to manual records keeping on paper.

Meteobot App - historical data
Historical data – one month ago.


For your convenience, we have combined the weather forecast and current data from the weather stations in one graph. This way, for example, you can see how much rain has fallen up to the current moment and how much more is expected.

Meteobot App - forecast and reported data
Forecast and reported data about the fallen rain.


Meteobot® App provides you with a local weather forecast for the specific area you are interested in. The forecast includes:

  • Rain
  • Air temperature
  • Relative air humidity
  • Pressure
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Cloud cover
  • Fog
  • Dew point
Meteobot App - local weather forecast
10-Day Weather Forecast.

The weather forecast is for 10 days ahead. For the first two days, data is provided on an hourly basis, and from day 3 to day 10 – in 6 hours’ periods. The forecast is global. Its spatial accuracy is 8 km. The forecast is generated by the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, whose weather model was named one of the most precise in the world.


Based on data from weather stations, Meteobot® App calculates the following essential agronomic indicators:

  • Rain sum
  • Precipitation on weekly and monthly basis
  • Temperature sum
  • Average daily temperature
  • Leaf wetness duration (hours)


Because Meteobot® is specialized for farming, it keeps weather stations data in your fields’ history. The only thing you need to do is to outline the boundaries of your fields on the map. Once you have done it, you get a complete agro-meteorological history from the moment a weather station was installed nearby. The main advantage of Meteobot® is that you receive data from your own weather station (or from another one nearby), and not from a weather device miles away from your land.

Meteobot App - agrometeorological history
Outlined field and its characteristics.

Meteobot® App provides you with the following information about your fields and crops:

  • All agronomic indicators, described above
  • Cumulative rainfall from the date of sowing
  • Number of days since last precipitation
  • Start of vegetation 
  • Temperature conditions in late autumn during plants’ preparation for winter

The data for each field is taken from the nearest Meteobot®. If, later, you install or subscribe for a weather station closer to your field, the system automatically starts to collect and store data for this field from the new device.


Using data from weather stations, Meteobot® App calculates and sends alerts for the following agro-meteorological indicators:

  • Average daily temperature above 10⁰С
  • Average soil temperature above 10⁰С
  • Intensive precipitation (more than 1 liter / min.)
  • First autumn chill
  • Spring chill

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