New from Meteobot® – electronic rain gauge Meteobot® Micro


We are pleased to announce the latest member of the Meteobot® family– the Meteobot® Micro electronic rain gauge.

Benefits from using Meteobot® Micro:

  1. You can place it in the field – it’s only 30 cm high;
  2. It has a built-in SIM card and sends data for every rainfall;
  3. You get notifications on your smartphone when it starts raining;
  4. It measures rain with an accuracy of 0,25 mm/m²;
  5. Built-in GPS – you can track its location on your smartphone;
  6. Local weather forecast for the field where it is placed;
  7. Historical weather data (rain sum, etc.);
  8. Built-in solar panel and battery;
  9. No overflow, no freeze, no cracks.

The main purpose of the new model is to complement the “big” Meteobot® Pro weather station, which farmers prefer to install in the farmyard. The idea is to place several Meteobot® Micro rain meters in remote fields. This way you can get the complete picture about rainfall. We all know that rain is the most variable weather parameter. When you have reliable local information about it, you can much more successfully use variable seeding and fertilizing rates of application (VRA).

Meteobot Micro electronic rain gauge


For more information please call +359 896 959628