For Dealers

If you run a business with farm inputs, agriculture machinery, precision farming equipment, or agronomic consulting, Meteobot® could be just the right fit for your portfolio!

Weather and soil data is essential for your customers. Meteobot® combines data from the fields with a reliable hardware and an intelligent software to help farmers determine the best time to plant, spray, fertilize and harvest.


Benefits and Advantages for Your Business:

  • Constant revenue stream – not only one-time sales revenue; you also get % from subscription fees
  • Excellent distributor conditions – a VERY ATTRACTIVE margin for you
  • We will NOT sell directly to your customers
  • Very competitive end-customer price
  • No minimum order quantity requirement
  • Option for exclusivity rights for specific territory


Partnership Options:

  • Distribution of Meteobot® weather stations + % from subscription fees
  • Integrate Meteobot® data in your product or service
  • Option for whitelabel agreement – sell weather stations, software and services under your brand (quantity engagement)
  • Start your own weather network and collect a higher % from subscription fees


We Will Support You with:

  • Fast delivery of a reliable product
  • 2nd level technical support
  • Custom development – option to adapt the product for your customers
  • Translation of the mobile app, documentation and website in your language
  • Brochures in your language
  • Sales and technical training in your office
  • Joint participation in your local exhibitions


Product Advantages:

  • Mobile first – having your data on the computer is old-school. Every farmer expects to have his information on his smartphone or tablet. And you can provide it to them – directly from the field!
  • Made in EU – we invested a lot in research, development and testing to come up with a product of high quality
  • High-quality components – Meteobot® sensors come from established EU or US suppliers
  • 100% quality control – all products pass quality checks
  • 2-year warranty
  • Affordable price due to low production costs – Bulgaria has the lowest production costs from all EU countries – a lot of American and European corporations outsource their manufacturing here
  • Suitable for any climate – Meteobot® works flawlessly from -28°C to +50°C


Maintenance Advantages:

  • Virtually no service required
  • Remote firmware update via GPRS – no need for service visits – because we know that a service visit to a customer often costs more than the replacement part itself
  • Widely used battery type – you can buy a replacement battery from your nearest electronics supplier – it is commonly used in most building security / burglar alarm systems
  • Can stay in the field all year round – works from -28°C to +50°C (unlike weather stations with lithium batteries, which typically work from 0°C to +40°C)
  • Preventive monitoring – the server monitors all weather stations and sends an alarm if any one stops working
  • Easy to install – no technical qualification required
  • Designed for easy service – even if it’s necessary to perform a service, we designed Meteobot this way, that customers can do it themselves


Why become our Partner:

  • We understand how an agriculture-related business works. We have 10 years of experience with farm management software and precision farming hardware, including:
  • Ag Leader distributorship for Bulgaria and Romania
  • John Deere Preferred Software Partner
  • 1200 farm customers
  • Farm machinery GPS tracking business (Teltonika dealer)
  • We sell to end-customers in our local markets (Bulgaria and Romania), so we can share our expertise with you and train your staff
  • Our warehouse is well-stocked, especially in high-season
  • We can provide data to plant growth and disease models from your region
  • We are not a big corporation, and we do not think that we are the “centre of the universe”
  • Some of our most successful products came from exchanging ideas with parners like you
  • We react quickly to your specific requirements
  • Try for free, then buy if you are convinced


Send us a short description of your business at!