Meteobot Silos – automatic silo ventilation control system

Meteobot Silos provides optimal storage conditions for grain silos

Meteobot® Silos is a grain silos ventilation automation system. It turns fans on and off depending on air temperature and relative humidity. It consists of a Meteobot® weather station, which is installed close to the grain silos, and an electronic controller unit, which is installed in the electric switchboard. Meteobot® Silos is compatible with any ventilation system switchboard.

Meteobot Silos has a controller module for up to 16 fans for grain silos

Meteobot® Silos consists of:

  • Air temerature, relative humidity and barometric pressure sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Solar panel
  • Controller module for up to 16 fans
  • 230 V adapter
  • Back-up power battery
  • Mobile application for remote control from anywhere and anytime

Price: EUR 1230 (excl. VAT)

Annual software subscription fee: EUR 144 (excl. VAT).

Additional options:

  • SIM card (with fees included for 1 year): EUR 36 (excl. VAT)
  • Wind speed sensor: EUR 200 (excl. VAT)
  • Wind speed and direction sensor: EUR 310 (excl. VAT)
  • Sensor for wet-bulb temperature: EUR 140 (excl. VAT)

Meteobot® Silos can work in automatic, remote or manual mode:

  • In automatic mode the ventilation is turned on when the air humidity and temperature fall below specified values. Respectively, when the air humidity and temperature exceed those values, the ventilation automatically stops;
  • In remote mode you receive a notification on your mobile device when the air humidity and temperature reach the specified values, and you can turn the ventilation on or off using the Meteobot® mobile application;
  • In manual mode you can turn the ventilation on or off using the regular switches on your switchboard.

Meteobot® Silos provides very flexible settings. It can automatically turn the ventilation off:

  • If it starts raining. (When the rain stops and the air humidity falls below the specified value, Meteobot® Silos will turn the fans on again);
  • If the air temperature gets too low (danger of freezing).

Alarm tab in Meteobot mobile app

Settings of the warning and critical alarms in Meteobot mobile app



  • Reduces the cost of drying up grain (after harvest);
  • Maintains optimal grain humidity throughout the year (to avoid weight loss);
  • Maintains low grain temperature to avoid mass replication of warehouse pests;
  • Achieve higher grain fumigation efficiency;
  • Does not depend on human factor;
  • Saves electricity – the ventilation is turned on only during favourable climatic conditions, which leads to higher efficiency and lower electricity consumption;
  • No need to dig channels for laying cables – the weather station and the controller module communicate wirelessly.

You can use Meteobot® Silos during the winter in cold and dry weather in order to cool down the grain in the silos. This decreases significantly the vitality of the warehouse pests and they fall in lethargy. This way you can store the grain longer and with lower costs.

Air temperature chart in Meteobot mobile app

Relative air humidity chart in Meteobot mobile app

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