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Meteobot® is offered in four versions:

Meteobot Pro

Meteobot® Pro

Complete agrometeorological weather information.

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Soil moisture and soil temperature
  • Air temperature, air humidity and air pressure
  • Leaf wetness and solar radiation (options)
  • Upgradable upon request

Price: EUR 1 000 (excl. VAT)

Meteobot Mini

Meteobot® Mini

Weather essentials on the field level.

  • Rain
  • Air temperature, air humidity and air pressure
  • Soil temperature
  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Upgradable upon request

Price: EUR 760 (excl. VAT)

Meteobot Micro

Meteobot® Micro

Electronic rain gauge.

  • Rain
  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Upgradable upon request

Price: EUR 620 (excl. VAT)

Meteobot Nano

Meteobot® Nano

Soil essentials on the field level.

  • Soil moisture
  • Soil temperature
  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Upgradable upon request

Price: EUR 590 (excl. VAT)

Friendly mobile app
Meteobot App

Meteobot® App

Download the mobile app to view current, historical data, and weather forecasts from your nearest weather stations.

  • Real-time weather data
  • Local weather forecast for 10 days
  • Rain sum, temperature sum and other agronomic indicators
  • Weather history for each field
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Fertilizing recommendations
Meteobot Nitro chlorophyll meter

Meteobot® Nitro

Meteobot® Nitro precision fertilizing system takes into account the most important factors, affecting nitrogen uptake and respectively – the yield and grain quality: leaf chlorophyll, rainfall, soil moisture and air temperature.  On this basis, the system gives recommendations about the amount of nitrogen that is necessary to achieve the planned yield and grain quality with the minimum possible cost for nitrogen fertilizers. Meteobot® Nitro consists of:

  • Meteobot® Nitro chlorophyll meter
  • Mobile app

Price: EUR 655 (excl. VAT)

Sentek senzor1

Meteobot® Hydro

Meteobot® Hydro is an irrigation automation system. It measures continuously soil moisture and rainfall and automatically turns on watering pumps and valves according to the water needs of plants. Meteobot® Hydro consists of:

  • Sensors for soil moisture and temperature
  • Rain sensor
  • Wind speed sensor
  • Air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure sensor
  • Controller module for valves and pumps

Price: EUR 1 280 (excl. VAT)

Disease models
Meteobot App

Disease models

Wheat growers save on average 50 EUR/hectare from fungicides and fuel. For a farm with 500 ha of wheat, this means 25,000 EUR savings – each year! Find out how…

How to install Meteobot®

How to install Meteobot®

Installing Meteobot® is quick and easy – see the video or download the user manual.


Petyo Boshnakov – vineyards, Varna

Petyo Boshnakov grows 160 hectares of vineyards, some cherry orchards, 30 hectares of grain crops and 15 hectares of almonds near Varna, North-Eastern Bulgaria.

In a conversation with our team, Petyo shared: “The interesting fact about the weather station is that it is fully autonomous and doesn’t need any maintenance. We’ve been testing it for 6 months now in various conditions. We have even installed it at such a location where it gets directly sprayed by the tractors; without being covered. We haven’t had any problems, which satisfies me.” Read more…

Meteobot® map

Download Meteobot® App:

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